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​For about 30 years, Ted and I have been rescuing sick and homeless animals.  It began with dogs and cats.  In 2006, we were finally able to purchase a small farm to rescue larger animals.

Through the years, we have taken care of blind, handicapped and seriously ill animals.  One special dog, Scruffy, appeared on our porch one day.  He was blind and deaf, had scabies and was in kidney failure.   He actually had been shot and somehow, made it to our house.   Even, with all of these issues, he woke up happy for the 1 1/2 years that he lived with us.  His spirit encouraged us to continue our dream.

When customers support our store, they are helping us to continue our mission - to care for the needy and unwanted pets of this world.   With us, these animals are provided a permanent, loving home.

A special thank you to all the customers who have shopped and continue to shop at Teddy's Hallmark Shop.  You are helping us to care for God's most needy creatures.

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